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LUCEE is now the default CFML engine

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I have now installed LUCEE and it is set as the default CFML engine. So any new webiste created in WebsitePanel will have Lucee enabled by default, no other steps are required.

The LUCEE admin can be found at yoursite.cfmldeveloper.com/lucee/admin.cfm
The default web admin password is : TempPassword!ChangeIt!

I will be removing Railo from the server at the end of the month, as well as CF9, so all users should switch their sites to either LUCEE or CF10, I recommend LUCEE due to the fact that you can have full control and manage everything yourself via the Lucee admin if nothng else. Enabling CF10 is still as per the instructions in the FAQ.

The easiest way to switch to LUCEE is simply to delete your Railo or CF settings from the web.config. If this does not get Lucee working, then you may need to delete and re-add your site as well to pickup the default handlers. Don't worry, this does not delete any files, just the website.


Updating/Hotfixing ColdFusion: Tips and Traps" with Charlie Arehart

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Thursday, May 28, 2015
12:00 PM
Online meeting via Adobe Connect
Meeting room: http://www.tinyurl.com/cfmeetup
Alpharetta, GA
Are you going?
93 ColdFusion Users going, including:
"Charlie is a long-time CF developer, who's been running the CF Meetup since 2007,..."
"hi, i'm ray."
"CF developer since 1999. CF 5 Certified Developer. Currently developing e-commerce..."
"I run my own ColdFusion shop in St. Louis, MO and have been a ColdFusion programmer..."
"I learned ColdFusion in 1998 and it changed my life. Married in 2000. Moved from..."
After a several month hiatus (just so hard to get speakers), I'm going to rekindle things by presenting a talk myself (my first here since May 2011!) Our 12pm (US ET) talk on Thursday May 28 will be "Updating/Hotfixing ColdFusion: Tips and Traps" wi...

New client/billing system

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As some of you will know I have been trying out Blesta for the last few months, which the developer kindly gave me a free copy of. While this solution was certainly better than iCloud 360 system I was using before, it still sadly was not very intuitive or user friendly, and frankly not very pleasant to use. The documentation was patchy at best and getting the software working requires posting endless questions on the forums and you need an understanding of PHP to process the answers. Basically my impression is that Blesta is written by a PHP developer for other PHP developers who run a hosting business.

After some 6+ months I was still having issues with things not working properly and it was taking too much of time trying to fix along with the manual intervention to deal with new user signups as it  did not integrate with WebsitePanel. So I have finally had to bite the bullet and switch  to WHMCS. This was somehting I was trying to avoid, as it has an associated cost for me, but at the end of the day I know WHMCS really well as we use it over at host partners, and I know it does everything I need, is pretty easy to use and integrates with WebsitePanel. So better the devil you know as they say, and of all the billing/client management systems I have tried thus far, WHMCS while not perfect, is easily the best.

I have already written a blesta to WHMCS migration tool and have moved all those users, and am now in the process of writing a tool to get all the WebsitePanel users and spaces imported, so over the coming weeks you should receive an email with your new account details and account renewal notifications for those of you who have not had one in the last year.

Railo is reborn as Lucee

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In case you had not heard yet, Railo is no more. Details are sketchy at best, and there has been no official explanation from anyone, but it seems that pretty much everyone that was ever involved with Railo has now left the company. One can only assume that they had some sort of falling out with the owners of "The Railo Company", but since the developers (Igal and Micha) have left as well, this pretty much spells the end for Railo as with no-one to develop it further it is unlikely that there will ever be a new release. 

The good news is that Micah and Igal have released a new fork of Railo called LuceeBeing as Railo was an open source project, this means that for all intents and purposes Lucee is simply the last version of Railo with a new name and as such is a drop in repalcement that will function exactly the same. What was to be Railo 4.5 has now been released as Lucee 4.5 instead.
There is already an installer availabe over at Lucee.org, but if you do not wish to do a clean install, then you can find upgrade/migration instructions HERE.

In the coming weeks I will be replacing Railo with Lucee on the CFML Developer hositng server as well as upgrading ColdFusion to Version 11. I will also be making Lucee the default CFML engine rather than ColdFusion, as it is far more convenient for users to be able to manage everything themselves via the Lucee web admin rather than having to open a support ticket to get DSN's etc created.

I can't say I care too much for the new name, but CFML lives on which is great news :-)


ColdFusion 10 now available for testing

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After 5-6 months of problems getting CF10 sandboxing to work (even Adobe were baffled), it seems the problem is finally solved (almost), so I have now put ColdFusion 10 online for everyone to try out.

As CF10 works considerably differently to previous versions due to JRUN being replaced by Tomcat, there may be some additional tweaks I need to make in sandboxes to get things working perfectly, so if you find anything not working as expected then just let me know.

The other issue with CF10 running on Tomcat is the requirement for a jakarta virtual directory and ISAPI filters, this meant there was no way to enable CF10 via WebsitePanel and no way for users to even enable it manually via web.config. I certainly did not want to be having to manually enable CF for every user, this is inconvenient for everyone, so I have to find a better solution. So Instead of using the native connectors that come with CF10 I have used the BonCode connector that Railo uses. In my tests so far this is working fine, but it is possible there may be some unexpected behaviour, so let me know if you find anything odd.

How to enable ColdFusion 10 on your site.

firstly backup your web.config file just in case.

If you are currently using ColdFusion 9, I would suggest to disable it first via WebsitePanel to avoid any conflicts.

now download THIS ZIP FILE and upload the contents to your WWWROOT folder.

That’s it, fingers cross you should now be using CF10.

to verify you can do the following.

<cfoutput>cf version: #server.coldfusion.productversion#</cfoutput>

If you made any customisations to your web.config, you can now copy them over from from the file you just backed up.

To revert back CF9

  1. put the old web.config back, and then re-enable via WebsitePanel
  2. manually remove (or comment out) all the CF10 stuff from your current web.config, and re-enable CF9 via WebsitePanel

To revert back to Railo

  1. just restore your original web.config
  2. comment out or delete the CF10 stuff, and put in the Railo settings as per the instructions on the support page.



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