A new realtime CFML code testing tool

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Last week while answering some coding questions on a discussion list I needed to post some example code, which meant if I wanted to test the code first then I needed access to a cf server. As I tend to do most of my list replies etc on my mobile device, I do not have a local CF installation to test with.
With PC sales dropping and mobile devices sales far exceeding PC sales these days, I would imagine most other people are doing most of their community activity on their mobile device as well, apart from those folks that seem to spend their entire day social networking rather than working.

I then considered how often I have seen other devs posting code snippets and saying "this is not tested code as I do not have access to a cf server right now", so it must be a fairly common scenario.

This make me think to myself "wouldn't it be handy if there was a web page I could go to where I could quickly just type some code into a form, submit it and the code would be executed and tell me if there were any errors and give me some debug output, surely someone has written such a tool ?
So I Googled it and was surprised that such a tool did not exist, that I could find.

Well it has been a long time since I wrong any kind of app as I simply do not get the time to do coding these days, so I thought I would write such a tool myself, and here it is, please give it a try and leave me some feedback, feel free to try and hack it and find any vulnerabilities or bugs, as long as you let me know about them.


7 responses to “A new realtime CFML code testing tool”

  1. Danny Says:
    Well done. Just tested it but it appears to be down?
  2. Russ Michaels Says:
    Hi Danny,
    have just checked and it is definitely up and running now.
  3. Russ Michaels Says:
    Ah I forgot to update the link, I registered a new domain, it is now on www.cflive.net
  4. danny Says:
    I get the following error and any code either railo or cf
    File not found: /railo/62A0C58B-EB61-4300-B1D1DA8980D217E6.cfm
  5. Russ Michaels Says:
    ok I found the cause of the missing file issue, it was because you were accessing the site via www.cflive.net rather than cflive.net
    This was causing a session issue.
    I have added a canonical domain rewrite to solve it, so you shouldn't have that issue now, please give it another try.
  6. Danny Says:
    All working now, many thanks.
    I noticed a tiny issue with the checkboxes: Selecting both, executes the code in Railo.
  7. Russ Michaels Says:
    Danny what browser/version/OS are you using.
    I have tested on Chrome, IE, FireFox, Android, Iphone, and on all of them checking both Railo and ColdFusion does show results for both.

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