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I have recently been contacted by Rakshith Naresh from Adobe who has expressed an interest in possibly supporting cfmldeveloper and CFLIVE with a CF10 license (no doubt Adam Cameron’s digs on twitter contributed to this :-) ) . However as there has been very little interest in CF10 so far (I can count on 1 hand the number of people who have asked me about CF10 so far) he doesn’t think it would be warranted at this time, which is fair enough I guess as that is their decision, although personally I would have thought they would want to "get it out there" as much as possible regardless.
It does also beg the question "Why has no-one asked about CF10, is it through ignorence because you do not know about CF10 because Adobe have not marketed it very well, is it because you are really not very active in the community and do not keep up to date on what's new, or because you just do not care and are happy with CF9? It would be good if folks could leave some feedback on that too.

Anyway In order for this to change I will need to get some feedback/requests from you lot if you would like to see CF10 supported on cfmldeveloper and CFLive. In which please just add your comments to this blog post (or use the feedback button on the left of the site) expressing your interest so I can pass this along to Adobe for their consideration, cheers.

If you do not know what’s new in CF10, here are some links.

18 responses to “Do you want ColdFusion 10 ?”

  1. Brad Wood Says:
    I would say yes, but more from a matter of principle that CF10 is the latest version and should be represented. I have used cflive, but only to play around and not extensively so my opinion doesn't really come from any necessity on my end.

    For a fair comparison, if you had written this in CF10, how many people would be asking for Railo? In other words, what's a fair comparison of the requests you've received compared to the overall interest in general to the project?
  2. Richard Herbert Says:
    For me, CF10 on CFLIve would be a useful tool when comparing functionality between the cfml engines.
  3. Sid Wing Says:
    I'm in!
  4. Adam Cameron Says:
    I'm bamboozled by what you say Rakshith has said, in that "he doesn’t think it would be warranted at this time". It costs Adobe nothing to comp you a licence, and having a community resource running ColdFusion 10 can *only* be a positive thing, surely? It's just free PR for Adobe.

    Plus why would Rakshith thinks it's better for you to be using not-the-latest-version of ColdFusion when you could just as easily be using the current version? What message is this sending?

    FWIW, I use cflive to test CFML behaviour across different platforms (for my blog, and for work, and for *testing ColdFusion on Adobe's behalf*), and it would be dead handy to compare CF9 / CF10 / Railo at once.

    I think cflive is the best CF community project I seen for quite some time. It'd be great if Adobe could get behind it.

    I doff my cap to you, Russ.

  5. Adam Cameron Says:
    Hey Russ, I'm not getting emailed when ppl comment, despite having checked "SUBSCRIBE".

  6. Adam Cameron Says:
    Duh, I suppose that when my comment was still in the moderation queue, it didn't get notifcations of the earlier posts being approved..? IE: when I made my comment (and "subscribed"), Brad's, Richard's and Sid's messages hadn't been published yet.

  7. brian Says:
    CFLive is really useful, I'm using it more and more and would appreciate a CF10 option.

    I think this would also be a great way for Adobe to have CF11 bug checked.
  8. Lola LB Says:
    Doesn't think it worthwhile to put up CF10 on CFLIVE??? I'm stunned.
  9. Lola LB Says:
    And yes, a hearty "YES" vote for getting CF10 up on CFLIVE.
  10. Brian Swartzfager Says:
    Having CF10 as an option on CFLIVE, and Adobe providing a license to make that happen, is a good idea.
  11. Darren M Says:
    Would really like to see CF10 particularly for HTML 5 charting and websockets.
  12. James Moberg Says:
    I'm trying to test everything in both 9 and 10 (primarily to see if there are any differences in the results).

    I'd like to see an online testing service like, or for CFML platforms (Adobe 9 & 10, Railo & Blue Dragon) that has the ability to save the code for sharing with others for testing. (Currently I'm pasting operation sample code in a gist with a comment to paste it at I'd prefer to provide a direct link if possible.)
  13. Russ Michaels Says:
    James, read the "about page" future plans.
  14. James Moberg Says:
    I don't think I had seen the future section before in the about section. (I tend not to regularly return to pages if I've read them once.) Are you planning on adding a changelog or blog or re-edit the about page whenever changes are made?

    You stated "done" regarding supporting "ColdFusion" and Railo. With this recent license request (& I think I read on Twitter that a CF10 license is coming), you'll enable testing both 9 & 10 versions, right? (versus just upgrading to CF10.)
  15. Russ Michaels Says:
    I am working on a new site which will have more features.
    If I do get a CF10 license then yes I will install it in addition to CF9.
    However due to all the security issues CF has, I wont any unsupported versions.
  16. Blaine Says:
    Yes, if CF10 is worth talking about, this is a forum where Adobe should promote it.
    "Why has no-one asked about CF10"?
    Well, in my case, because I don't have any real questions. The many many enhancements beyond CF9 have very little impact on how quickly I can develop mid-level mass market solutions. I miss the old days when a litany of new tags came out with each version that literally impacted my dev flow to the positive. Sure CF is a better product from 9 to 10, but it isn't speeding up the dev cycle for the open market work i'm doing. I used to say that the argument for coding speed from CF compared to that other language was dramatic... now only arguable in specific context. And CF's integrity as a complete application server is not much of a sell to those clients who are going to use a hosting provider anyway. Maybe it is coincidence, but CF10 will be a maintenance upgrade or a point solution for me. But, hey, maybe if you had it running, and showed me something shiny that I just gotta have... who knows, right?
  17. JB Says:
    I'd love to see a comparison of CF8,9,10 from the context of building mobile friendly websites. In other words, if I wanted to take an existing CF site (or build a new one from scratch) which is the best platform to do it and what are some of the time savers in doing so? I would assume CF10 is the way to go, but is that really true? Show us some of the new bells and whistles of CF10 from that point of view and why CF10 is a must have, if that really is indeed the case. and how does upgrading to CF10 mean I need to recode my CF8 sites?

    I know very little about CF10, so for me it's a question of what would cause me to WANT to upgrade? What new features are compelling enough and which ones will require new coding tricks or force a recoding of old pages?
  18. BS Says:
    I think it would be great to be able to do testing with CF10. i am currently happy with CF9 but my employer will be transitioning to CF10 soon and I would like to be ahead of the curve byut being able to test and compare code between CF9 and CF10 using CFLIVE. I really cannot believe that Adobe would not want the free PR they would receive by giving you a copy.

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